PSLE sooo close!

Hey everyone! HEHE! I sneaked in.. not really.. I did ask my dad. he took pity on me. HEY! I have been studying since 6 in the morning you noe. PSLE NXT WK!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Nikki and I are sooo happy.. we are practically skipping around! hehe! ( I am totally random!) You know, I am not nervous at all.. I know I have studied hard. I have done 112 papers for Maths alone. Everybody keeps on saying that I am hardworking but I don’t really think so. But watever.. Prank war has updated! ( I am being random again ) Prank war is totally cool! It is the best fanfic ever invented! It has Dramione, Ron hating, Draco(aaaaaaaaaahhhh), Harry Ginny and much more. What could be better? Let me answer that. NOTHING!! hehe. OK, gtg study. AGAIN! *sigh*


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