Hey there people!

Well, I am finally in Secondary school now.. I am in RGS!! The best school in S’pore! *applause*RGS is sooooooo cool! It is soo fun and all our PSLs and Prefects are very nice! The school is huge! It has like soooo many facilities! The bookshop is like five times as big as FMPS one.. So nice you know! They even sell Harry Potter! yay!!!! OK, the first few days have been pretty hectic and muddling but very FUN! *thumbs up* The cheers are like soo unique! You have to be really low and loud.. You tend to sound a little like guys though.. lol! Our theme song for this year’s orientation is I hope you dance. I love the song! The lyrics were posted in my previous post.. Well, I have already made lots of new friends! To name a few… Jia Wei (she is extremely nice!!!), Pavithra (she is nice too!), Alagu,Divya, Ramya, Candy, Wen Ting and many many more! ur teacher is very nice also.. Her name is Ms Santi. Today, we played this game, where we had to sit in a circle. Then the first person say her name then the second person says the first person’s name and her own name the the third person say the first and second people’s name and their own and so on and so forth.I was near the end.. So difficult since there were like so many complicated chinese names… but it was very fun! We went for the school tour and the school is very very nice! I am in BUCKLE house. It’s the green house! BUCKLE RAWKS! We also had RGS history talks. Let me tell you the four values of the school. People-centred, Professional, Passionate and Principled. LOVE THEM! The mission is: To produce leaders of distinction and dignity, committed to life-long learning, living meaningful lives and serving society. Totally cool right? The vision is: To aspire dare and strive to be active creators of a better age for all.So nice! finally, the school motto: Filiae Melioris Aevi. Its Latin for: Daughters of a better age! soo cool right? Our orientation theme is ‘Aspire to Inspire’. School cheers will be posted in later posts.. I promise!!ts…


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