Hey hey!!

hey hey ppl!! Im in the schl library now… having a free block! yay!! umm.. my schl soo rawks la.. i can go to any webby i want!! gonna read fanfiction soon! lol! im using a mac.. not really used to it.. but watever la, a lappy is a lappy!! haha.. Im crazy cause i am high cause im happy!! The non-tamil ppl have two blocks of needlework but the tamil pupils only have one!! yay!! i won’t be behind in my class also cause i alredi finished my craft!! yay!! god, im like sooo high.. having receess next… dunno wat to eat.. this is such a random post.. ppl are reading my post as i type.. aah! Draco is soooo hawt! My frends dun agree! *sob* I mean, who can resist that smirk of his??? High-Five Nikki!! Nikki and i sure can’t!! lol!! hope all of u like the new skin!! umm.. oh n the previous post is like soo cool right? go take the quiz also!! bad boy draco is HAWT! bye for now!!


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