kk.. Im updating..

wow.. you guys don’t need to scold me la.. Im back.. yay! ok n the emo poem was written by my friend, jia wei!! so pro right?? i can’t write poems for some weird reason.. essays i can do.. but poems? NOOOOO! don’t know why though.. ok, i’ve been really busy.. just finished my physics perfomance task.. i retook the video… wasn’t satisfied with my first one.. lol.. i didn’t have to go for ino today!! yay!!! i was like so happy you know.. oh, n alagu lent me her thumbdrive and i was supposed to return it to her.. i was going down when i realised that it wasn’t with me! i had heart failure la.. god.. then i ran back up to look for it.. then i looked in the photonics lab n it WASN’T there!! i completely freaked out la.. then my friend realised that it was in lab 4.. thank god!!my heart was beating like mad la.. apparently nikki is sick.. *pouts* hope she gets well soon! ((: umm.. wat else?? oh, im going to sorkalam(tamil debate competition) on saturday.. it’ll like come on tv la.. but i only gonna be audience.. gonna scream my head off.. went to a drama with ’07 tamil teacher(mrs amba), fairfield juniours, sumi, jumana and thurka akka.. very fun.. we were all playing seh macaroni.. damn fun.. juniors all so cute la!! ok then.. gtg.. hope ur satisfied with the long post.. ((:


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