Hello guys! Sorry for the late post… My (Mum’s) laptop was down.. i’ve officially been to Toshiba FOUR times! that should be some sort of record.. i hate going there.. firstly its so damn freaking far away.. its in kallang!! secondly, the cusromer service people there are soo geeky! it should be expected i guess, since its a COMPUTER servicing place.. but still.. theres this guy.. you can take one look at him and know he has absolutely NO social life.. eew.. he actually gets excited when he sees a laptop… i mean like thats soo freaky! you would think hes gotten sick of them, working in toshiba and all.. but NOOO! he has to freak me out by practically bouncing in his seat when i went over to his counter.. the worst part is: he thinks he is hilarious. i mean seriously.. he makes dumb jokes and laughs at them.. a stone could be funnier.. i’ll give you two HIDEOUS example..


Geek: Ma’am, you could either leave the laptop here and we can fix it for you or you could bring it back home and return next week and we’ll fix it for you on the spot. We don’t have stock right now.

Me: Umm.. Whats the difference?
I asked this seemingly dumb question because I can’t use the laptop anyway, so whats the difference. Was there a difference in time or something.

Geek: Well Ma’am. You’ll either have it with you or you won’t.
The geek found his own coughjokecough hilarious and started laughing his head off. I,meanwhile, shoot him a look of disbelief and disgust.


Geek: Recently Toshiba has went through a major upgrade of batteries. I’ll be replacing your current battery with a new one.

Me: Whats the difference between the two batteries?
I once again asked this seemingly dumb question because I wanted to know if the newer one has a longer life power or something.

Geek: Well Ma’am, one battery is new and the other isn’t.
He found this hilarious and laughed his heads off.. He actually snorts..

how pathetic is that?! I think he realised I was not very amused (probably from the look on my face) and eventually stopped. If i had to put up with one more of his CHILDISH cracks, I would have chucked my laptop straight at his face, $4000 or not. He could have jumped for glee for all he wishes then.. I know you all think im evil now, but hey! he pissed me off.. i had to sit there for like 1hr45mins staring at his face.. blegh.. oh, and i know some of you think im a geek (coughpavithracough) but i don’t really get THAT excited when i see a computer.. and im actually funny..

Lets move on to more pleasant topics shall we? So, its the holidays. Im prob the last person to blog about it.. i have been busy stoning.. Oh, i hope u guys like the new skin.. actually i’ve used it befor, to those loyal readers who can remember it! lol.. i was sick of the old one.. n i didn’t really like it anyways.. I haven’t posted in a long time.. I know im random.. Im elated right now! i found the website for the dramione awards, so i can read fabulous fanfics of any genre i want! filled with draco!!! any dramione fans out there? well i’ll post the link here anyways..

there it is.. enjoy! wow.. this is a looong post.. umm.. im finally part of yahoogroups.. can’t wait for the ICS show.. Shoot.. Although fairfield’s funfair is on that day.. i was planning to go out for lunch or sumthing with my primary schl friends.. maybe i’ll be able to squeeze that in.. mm.. alagu won’t be able to come though..herguitar concert is on that day.. waah.. so many things on the same day.. i won’t miss the funfair for anything though.. really miss fairfield!! for any fairsians out there reading this, i love you all!! n miss u!! Im chatting to my friend veckesh now.. okay guys.. gtg.. chat sometime later kays? tagggg! (:


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