sry guys.. i noe i haven’t posted for like a super long time! im really sorry!!! im banned from my laptop because of my super low GPA.. :( *pouts* so sad la.. this is like the only time i have touched a computer besides ICT since the last day of the holidays la! so sad.. lols..

cheng yi is E-V-I-L! lols.. not really la.. i forgive u cheng yi.. *sigh* for all those sotongs out there, i’ll explain.. ok.. theres this girl,yang jing, in my class.. she likes to study.. A LOT!!! yang jing if you’re reading this, ITS TRUE! lols.. and she was sitting at the back of the class n she complained that she couldn’t see properly so she asked ms santhi to change her seat. then ms santhi asked the class who wanted to change seats with yang jing.. weel, as you know, the back seats are damn favoured by NORMAL people.. perfect to sleep in la.. lols.. so my dear dear seat mate cheng yi put up her hand n i was like “HEY!!!!!!” n then she was like “oh shit. Im soooorry! i forgot!” then i was like ‘grrrr…’ n cheng yi is very quiet which is the reason ms santhi put her infront in the first place.. the ms santhi was like “ANYONE ELSE? ok then, yang jing please exchange ur things with cheng yi’ n i was like “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! cheng yi wants to stay here, don’t you cheng yi???” but she was moving ready.. *pouts* so sad la.. so i m now sitting with the most responsible, swotty girl in the class instead of fun, carefree cheng yi.. no fair! anywya, yang jing isn’t that bad 101.. she s quite nice.. funny too.. if you look past her studious ways.. n im really depressed.. cause i just realized that i shld have changed seats with yang jing, torturing cheng yi, n i could have sat with PAVITHRA!! whose my really good friend btw.. im soo sad n stupid.. pathetic too..

i have decided to make this post super long so i’ll tell you about my ICS(Indian Cultural Society) Show! yays! it was yesterday, n it RAWKED! like seriousl.. i ‘ll narrate from the very beginning..

it all started last saturday. not yesterday, the one before that.. i was feeling very useless because i wasn’t doing anythingfor the show while some of my friends were like slaving for it.. so i went to waatch the rehearsal on saturday.. n i was like cool! i loved the show! neway.. then, i realized there was a reahearsal on monday n i was a runner.. i wentt for the rehearsal n very few sec 1s were there la.. (naughty naughty) so i changed from a runnner to a backstager.. there was soo much to do.. i really appreciate all those backstagers out there man.. lols.. then it was really cool..

n then i went for the rehearsal on wednesday which was even more stress n not that cool.. on friday, i was gonna D-I-E! i was dying of boredom.. i hardly did anything at all cause they didn’t book the hall so they were only using the stage with the curtain DRAWN the whole time.. they didn’t even use mics so i had absolutely nothing to do.. but i couldn’t leave, ramya told me to stay.. :( then i went home super pissed..

on saturday(aka yesterday)i went to schl like super early.. i was the first sec 1 not involved in INO.. then i helped ramya with the deco.. tnhen, torture started.. i was running around like a madwoman.. rokhini told us that lunch would be served at 11 so we shldn’t eat much breakfast.. i only drank milo la.. then i ate lunch at like 1.30 approx.. i just recovered from gastric then i got it agin lor.. so sad.. i kept gettin spasms of pain! ouch! we had kotthu prata(surprise surprise).. it was ok la.. then i ran around like a insane-o-maniac! then it was show time!

i was sooo exhausted la! i went for like soo many rehersals that consisted of so many freaking hours that i didn’t want to stay for the real show la.. then ppl started changing and stuff n i was like what am i thinking? F-U-N man! n i helped eswari with make-up.. (shiny powder.. lols.. she was all shiny..) i helped pavithra a little too.. shiny powder n tying of hair.. lols.. so fun! then all the kiasu parents came so early! lols.. i continued running arnd. .we had tea.. poori.. it was ok la.. then i had to run back.. omg! ICS, you all looked STUNNING! like seriously! damn nice.. only i looked like a freak in black n black.. lols.. then show started n it was SOOO FAST compared to rehearsals la! hehe.. i was giving everyone moral support.. like hugging everyone and telling them that they were gonna rawk the stage.. WHICH THEY DID!!!!! hehe… it rawked la! it was almost perfect.. i LOVED IT! then i was called up on stage for the vote of thks withh all the other backstagers.. then it was over n we were all hugging each other likee mad! lols.. then we had raffles cheers, which rawk! i love raffles cheers! they’re soooooooooooo cool!!! damn nice la.. all the parents were watching.. hehe.. then we said bye-bye n i got alot of chocolates! tee-hee.. then i went home, elated! so well done ICS! WE ALL RAWK THE FREAKING WORLD!!!!!

kk guys, hope ypu enjoyed the freakishly long post.. hope it made up for my un-updating-ness.. lols.. kk byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!



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