lols.. heys guys.. i just realised that i haven’t blogged for a very long time.. haha. i was clearing my drafts section in blogger, then i saw this. i thot i shld post it anyway. supposed to post on: 08/08/08. SO COOL! haha. so yeah here it is..

History Lesson:

101: *CHAOS*

Mr Ganesh: *Stares at us to quiten down*

101: Starts to *SHHHHHHHH!!*

Mr Ganesh: The toilet is only a classroom away.

101: *Laughs*

Me: *Remain silent* (I didn’t find it funny)

Yang Jing: * In a very soft voice* Thank you for the information, I’ll go if I need to.

Me: *laughs hysterically* (i found it hilarious.)

Class:*laughs at me*

Sandra: Wah, Arathi, you so slow!

Me: NOO! I didn’t laugh at HIS joke. Not even funny la. I laughed at Yang Jing. REALLY!

Mr Ganesh: *stares at me, wondering whether he should be offended*


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