Teachers’ Day

heys people! haha.. i know i haven’t posted for a very long time, so i shall now! hehe.. i will now post about tchers’ day.. i was thinking that rgs ended at 10.30 so i was like sigh.. when is schl gonna end?!?! hehe.. then schl ended at 9.30! woohoo! i was soo happy! then the fairsians from fairfield met at the schl canteen.. we then shared 2 taxis to fairfield.. supp to take one but the driver say that 6 ppl cannot fit in the taxi.. so ya.. i reached schl at arnd 11.15

then i went in and saw a whole lot of ppl at the schl canteen so i headed there.. when i reached the canteen, all the teachers were there.. they were waiting there b4 going to the hall for the concert.. so i talked to the three aasiriyars(tamil tchers)..

mrs bala was like” wow arathi, you look different everytime i see u!” then mrs amba was like “duh.. she’s growing up!”

i was laughing like mad.. so funny.. then i saw mrs koh(my p2 tcher).. hehe.. shes damn damn nice.. i used to be damn scared of her last time.. she used to call me “MS AARTHI!” haha.. cause i was always talking n stuff.. lols.. then she told me to study hard and stuff.. sigh.. i wanted to hug her but im still a little scared of her.. lols..

then i saw ms ng, i gave her my present. she told me that we’ll talk later n stuff.. then yvonne, benita n jumana came.. we taked for a while then went to the canteen to eat.. time check: 11.50..
we ha chicken curry rice!! heheh! yayness man! the aunty still remembers us! then we walked arnd the schl then went to the covered play area.. we played say macaroni there.. hehe.. then i checked my phone n saw that i had tons of missed calls.. mostly frm nikki n sumitra.. i called nikki first n she said that she was stuck at the gate cause the security guard won’t let her in.. so i went to fetch her.. once the securuty saw me, he let her in.. dunno y also..

then i went back to the covered play area with nikki.. i called sumitra.. sumitra said that she was also stuck at the gate! i walked back only to discover a whole hoarde of ppl outside.. we tried arguing with the guard but he said that the principal give order saying tha cannot alow students in until 2.30.. but the principal gave the order after we all came in.. so i went to call mrs deen to come escort the students in.. then everyone came in la.. time check: 12.45.. we waited for a while then the chl bell ring at 1.. schl finish for them la.. so we all barged into the staff room. i went to see ms ng with sree first.. ms ng is still the same, changed her hairstyle tho.. she showed us a photo of her baby daughter.. she was SOOO CUTE! she was damn chubby larhs! hehe.. then i went to see mrs habeeb..

hehe.. she told me she was anti-raffles cause she was from crescent last time.. hehe.. we had a loud arguement on which schl is better (rgs obviously!) shes still purple crazy.. haha.. we talked for a while.. i told her that my dsa application to crescent was rejected n she was like “ha! u see! only SPECIAL people go to crescent!” i was like” but if crescent was my frist choice(which it wasn’t) i would have definitely gotten in.” the ms fazylla was like “hmm.. true!” then mrs habeeb glared at her.. hehe.. then ms fazylla was like ” i mean.. NO! of course not.. *nervous laughter* im with mrs habeeb on this.”

so funny larhs! hehe.. then we went out n we ran into mr joel lim.. we talked to him for a while.. oh ya, then divya came.. hehe.. then we all talk then we left for lunch.. time check: 3..
we saw lakshmi akka at he bustop then we all went for lunch opposite.. me, sumitra n yvonne had fishball noodles n lakshmi akka n benita had mixed rice.. i bought 2 cokes n we all shared.. for traditions’ sake la anyway.. then we wnt bak to schl n saw mrs amba.. wee gossipped aboout other students.. we are soo naughty..hehe.. then mrs bala came n joined us..

then my brother called n told me that i had to leave soon cause we were going to orchard.. so i had to leave la.. i reached home at arnd 4.45. we hurry up n change then took bus to orchard.. we reached there then my mum said “lets go to isetan!” hehe.. so we wnt there la.. i got new shoes(ballet flats) finally! then i was looking arnd for wallets.. my brother dragged me to the branded wallets section.. but i didn’t like any.. so ya.. we wnt up to get stuff for my brother.. i was soo bored n tired.. i went n sat down at the benches for the ppl tyo try on shoes(oops!) i was sming veckesh.. none of the guys came for the tchers’ day btw.. naughty ppl.. anyway, i was freezing to death inside la.. i didn’t bring my jacket cause it was drying.. sigh.. then we ate at burger king then came home.. time check: 11+ i was soo exhausted that i went to sleep as soon as my head touched the pillow..

kk, i gtg.. my brother is shouting for me.. sigh.. hope u enjoyed the super long post!!


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