hehe.. lols. finally a real post.. i had no idea what to post about so i decided i’ll post about 20th september. hehe.. i noe, kinda late. but i never did blog about it so ya.. hehe. here goes!

September 20th, Monday

ok, in the morning i had to wake up super early because i had to report in schl for ICCS! hehe. which stands for International Coastal Cleanup Singapore. i had to report in schl by 7am.. then we took a bus and reached ECP. we started beach cleaning and taking lots of strange videos.hahas. we had lots of FUN!we even saw jellyfish n stuff. n took lots of photos. go to my facebook if u wanna see. can’t be bothered to post here. lols. neways, after that, i had to leave to go home straight to get ready for the sinda awards. hehe. ms santhi got a cab for me(thanks!) then i went home. walou. then i rush rush rush until finally ready..

i was supposed to report at nanyang poly at 12 noon n i only took the taxi with my parents at 11.50 la. then i thot i was gonna be late n i stress stress stress! hehe.. but i wasn’t. lols. but there were like alot of rgs girls at one corner of the room. lols.. the secondary schl pupils who were getting it for psle were almost all from rg or ri la. there were a few from nush and 1 from mgs n 1 frm cedar i think. other than that, all raffles! hehe. anyway, once i reached i took my packed lunch which was provided n sat next to pavithra n nivedha.

then i eat n talk. the food was not that nice but i was starving so ya. then we all make alot of noise. hehe. then we realise that everyone was looking at us strangely, esp the ri guys la. aiyo. after that, pavithra was like “eh, so funny la! rgs at one corner of the room and ri at the other!” lols. not that we were complaining or anything. hehe.

then me, pavithra n nivedha just about insulted n commented on every1 in the room n were laughing like hell. sigh. anyway, then some lady came and told us to go into the auditorium to wait la. then we all went in (making alot of noise… duh!) n then the chaos really began!!

we were sitting according to alphabetical order la. to our horror, we realised that we won’t be sitting next to our rgs friends. *gasp* i was like all suffocated by ri guys. *shudder* luckilly nivedha was 2 seats away from me n rg girls were sitting behind me. okay. most of the rg girls came down to the first row(where i was sitting) n we started talking n making a complete fool out of ourselves. especially one particular person whom i will not mention by name but im sure all the rg girls noe who im talking about. sigh. that particular person went arnd taking photos of weird names. n there were alot. hehe. we all died of laughter.. i will not(once again) mention any names.. umm.. there was a guy sitting nxt to me frm ri(surprise surprise). lets call him Mr Unmentionable. At first he wasn’t there when i arrived. so i assumed that he wasn’t coming. n i rejoiced! hehe. n then i PANICKED! because the large group of “stupid rgs girls” were like nxt to me!! NO! wat if that guy was sitting nxt to me?!?!?!? NO!!! anyway, it turned out that the guy was indeed sitting nxt to me n he will be christened Mr Unmentionable. This “highly intelligent” guy was checking his inbox, giving me full view of it. Intentionally? i have no idea.. but yeah, not that i read it anyway.. really!

Mr Unmentionable was donning a slightly different outfit from the rest of his mates. He was wearing a blazer n full pants n stuff. not that im commenting. no! im not! neway, i was sitting nxt to him *shudder* n smirking away. then Mr Anonymous from above shouted ” Hey *insert name here*, you look so GAY in your blazer and full pants!”.. hehe. then i was like nearly bursting with laughter.. hehe. .then Mr Unmentionable turns arnd and glares at Mr Anonymous. the he says ” Why, *insert name here* afraid i look cooler than you?” now i really start laughing like mad. then Mr Unmentionable turns n stares at me. i try to stifle my laughter, but in vain. then Mr Anonymous comments ” Hey *insert name here* you just look shorter in long pants. if thats possible. anyway, don’t worry, im sure the girl next to you already knows that you’re a weirdo!” Here, i start choking with laughter and Mr Anonymous smirks smugly while Mr Unmentionable glares at the world and continues to fiddle with his phone.

now, i haven’t mentioned somebody from my past(aka primary schl) who was there. Yes, u guessed right. It was Shree-kutty! haha. practically the whole of rgs fell in love with her. lols. that girl sure knows how to make friends. n she was telling every1 my embarassing nicknames n stuff. sigh. wat else ah?

oh yes, rokhini’s brother was also there. he was sitting nxt to nivedha n apparently he talks alot. hehe. he was commenting abt every1.. hahas! at least he talked to nivedha right? i was dying of boredom. I mean, how much can i insult n laugh at a guy who was practically doing nothing except existing. sigh.

okay, then the prive giving started. we all went backstage, where it was freezing, n we were waiting for our turn. then i saw some guy frm alagu’s schl. then wat else ah? oh ya, somebody gave a random commment abt some random guy called chandra in ri n abt how our tamil tcher was also called chandra. yes, i know.. weird right? i will nvr understand guys i tell u.

then we all got the award then went back to our seats.. :) hehe. then we all started laughing at the weird ppl who got the awards. like there were guys with braided hair n blond streaks n weird names..

so all in all. 20th september was a day to be remembered n laughed about to this day. hope to get the sinda award again in 4 yrs time.. :) hehe..

okay guys.. uber long post. hope u allr happy! hehe.. :))) oh n btw, exams r over! FREEDOM! hehe.. will blog abt it soon.. my fingers r currently cramped from typing so much n i will say bb now. really. NOW!



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