hey guys! sry for not updating my blog.. well.. i’ll start off with telling u whats new in my life rigth now. okaay.

Firstly, i have applied for CAP(Creative Arts Programme) and i really hope i get in.. leave a tag if u want me to post my two entries( one essay and one poem) later on. so all of u cross ur fingers for me kays?!?

Secondly, I am now officially in RG Debate! YAY! haha. sry. Yes, so im in debate now and im gonna be a lot busier next year!

Thirdly, my brother tore 2 ligaments in his knee n he is gonna have an operation soon. i am currently his crutches n slave. sigh.

Fourthly, i am going to india this 23rd and i’ll be back on the 6th so ya. dun expect amy posts. TAG tho!

Fifthly, my mum is currently in vietnam now n will only be back in 3 days.

Sixthly, ppl who tag, PLS LEAVE UR NAMES! im blur as to who is tagging. sigh.

Lastly, i went for a movie with my primary schl friends n this is how it went..

I was at schl for INO( gosh, the SYF song is damn damn difficult la! im gonna die!) n it ended at 12. i was supposed to meet my friends at tiong bahru plaza at 12.45. so i called them and told them that i was gonna be late and will only reach at abt 1.30. so i rushed back home, changed, dried my hair(it was raining) and ran out. then i rush rush rush n finally reached there at 1.45. oops. on the way i was like mass messaging everyone n being over stressed. lols. haha. then veckesh was like “take ur time la. they’re going into all the shops n window shopping!” haha. funny. so i was like “drag them out n go get tickets!” and he was like “done! haha” lols. he helped me pay. nice of him.. so i reached tiong bahru n ran to the macs’ n met them there. beni, me, sumi n veckesh had mc chickens. yvonne had a double cheese burger n sree had a big mac. i was so damn full la. lols. the i returned veckesh the money. then we slack slack then went up.

this is the arrangement we were sitting in:

Sree Sumitra Arathi Veckesh Yvonne Benita Random person(hehe)

haha. so we kept talking throughout the advertisements and making comments on everythig. haha. fun! then the movie started. it was madagascar 2 btw. then we all laugh like mad throughout the movie cause it was so damn funny!! haha. but i think the first one was nicer. lols. then everyone was passing arnd popcorn. i was stealing veckesh’s! MUAHAHA! lols. i dun really like popcorn that much tho.. :) the we had a drink shortage.. sort of la.. LOL! the aft the movie, my friends insisted that they wanted to be the last to leave the theatre.. sigh. so we were the last la. then we came out. then beni wanted to take neoprints but i was too lazy to do it! haha. so we didn’t in the end. then they all insisted to go window shopping again so me, veckesh n sree DIED of BOREDOM! aah! so annoying. lols. then aft that me, sree n veckesh took MRT back. me n sree got alot of fairfield gossip frm veckesh. haha. but i won’t be mentioning any here. lols. quite shocking! haha. then ya.. we went home. sigh.

but was damn fun n i enjoyed myself a lot. :) {thks guys for giving me a good time! love u all like hell! miss u!} -directed to primary schl friends!

haha. so finally i updated! yay! i will try to do so again 4 i leave. BYE!


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