CAP Submission

My submissions for my CAP applications. Please tag about what you think. These are my original works and should not be copied/plagiarised without my permission.


Bedtime Stories

As I waited,
Each night,
Eagerly for those tales,
I wondered and I pondered.
What would it be today?

Stories, often told
In the gentle soothing voice of my
Or, in the rich baritone of my

Stories of fire breathing
Stories of princesses
Locked away in
Stories of talking bears
And singing toads.

These stories brought forth,
A whole lot of dreams.
Wistful even.

When I would wish I could just find solace
From the endless hours of school.

Where I would be transported,
From the comfort of my bed to
The scalding heat of the Sahara,
Or perhaps,
The icy mountains of Nepal.

No matter the story,
My imagination was sparked.
My childhood,
Sat on the shelves in my room.

A book, of
Bedtime stories.


Park Bench

All my life,
People have surrounded me.

They come and they go.
I forget the many faces.
Except one.

I’ve seen him mature.
I’ve seen him grow.

The first time I met him was
When he was sitting on my age worn
Seat, fingering every nook and cranny,
Waiting for his school bus,
On his first day at school.

So our friendship grew.
He came to visit me every morning.

Then he went away to college and
I would only see him twice a year.

Then he came back to be with me.

One day a young girl came and sat there.
And there they sat at opposite ends.
A young love bloomed as they sneaked
Glances at each other.

As the days went by,
The physical distance between
The two grew less.

One day, they just stopped visiting.
I thought they had forgotten me.

Although my skin was hard and cracked,
With rusty iron nails pinning me still.
My heart was smooth,
And now, wounded.

I grew resentful.

Years later,
A young boy took his seat.
Waiting for his school bus.

The resemblance was startling.
My friend had remembered me.


A New Beginning

I drift along,
Led by the commandeering,
But gentle,
Hands of my mother.

She is the sea and I am but
A boat.

She tells me the stories of my family
Before me.
Who have all one day, been deemed
Acceptable to proceed to

They will join their ancestors
Who make up the brilliant sea,
And help to guide their younger

My mother holds me tight,
Refuses to let go when I inform her
That I am old enough.
That I am ready.

I let myself be engulfed
In the arms of my mother
For one last time.

She releases me when I give
Her a slight push.

I turn my face away from her and
Move forward.

I gasp when I realize that the sea
Stood still and I wasn’t moving.

Ah. I think. It is time
There was nothing anchoring
Me down now.

And I am happy.


Lines on my Face

I met someone today.
He knew exactly who I was,
And what I’ve done.

He scrutinized me,
Told me exactly what each
Line on my face

Melancholy, anguish, regret,

He also said there was a faded line.
Made a long time ago.

Many a person did not know
What that line stood for.
But he did.
He was there with me
When that line was still fresh.

It was a line that represented
My laughter, my happiness.

I asked,
Where were you all this time?

He replied,
Exactly where your happiness went.
You hated me.
You told me to flee.

And I took your joy along
With me.

And I realized,
I lost my vivacity
When I lost

And I reached out to shake.
I was,
Hence you are.


Ruler of my Kingdom

I trudge slowly,
Through the thick undergrowth,
Recalling each fallen leaf and
Each thrown pebble.

Is it just me,
Or have the trees grown shorter?

I remember them as unattainable,
Faraway peaks.
To where I could climb,
And escape from everyone.

I trip upon a thick
And I smile at the familiarity.

Oh! How many times have
I tripped on that particular spot

I find the exact spot,
he place marked with an X.

I remove some of the
Piled up leaves and I
Find it.

A chest.
I open it,
My hands shaking in excitement.

I gasp when I see it.
I lift it out.

A crown,
Made of leaves and feathers,
Reminding me when I

Was the ruler of my

YOYO guys! this is where you guys get special access. u know my poem A New Beginning right? i have my first draft of that poem. i had people tread it n they said that it could be interpreted in sick ways, so i kinda changed it. i didn’t submit my first draft. but u can read it here!!

Gentle Caress

We sway in a rhythm
A rhythm, only known
To us.

We meet,
Caress for caress.
Touch for touch.

We couldn’t be any closer.
We are touching skin to skin.

For he is the sea.
And I am but
A boat.

The horizon,
My enemy at heart,
Reaches out a hand to touch

A prick of hurt stings my
Aching heart as he doesn’t
Shrug it away.

But he assures me he was mine for life.
And I believe him as he rocks me to sleep.
And as I lie there in his arms,
Not quite asleep,

When finally,
He engulfs me in his arms.
And takes me for his.

And I smile,

haha. so yeah. hope you enjoyed it. plsplspls tag! even if u hate them, tell me u hate them. thks alot guys. n dont plagiarize!!!


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