yoyos guys!! i know my post is waaaaay overdue.. sorry bout that. been really stressed lately.. update on my life:

okay. one word to describe. STRESSED!!! seriously, ino is going mad now. sessions last until 6.30 which means i’ll reach home at 8!! practice is getting really intensive cause syf is 20 days and 13 sessions away! AAH. i will now tell you my training schedule..

1) Saturday (04.04.09) 8am to 12pm
2) Monday (06.04.09) 3.30pm to 6.30pm
3) Thursday (09.04.09) 3.30pm to 6.30pm
4) Saturday (11.04.09) 7.30am to 1.30pm

5) Monday (13.04.09) 3.30pm to 6.30pm
6) Tuesday (14.04.09) We play till perfect
7) Wednesday (15.04.09) We play till perfect
8) Thursday (16.04.09) 3.30pm to 6..30pm
9) Friday (17.04.09) We play till we perfect
10) Saturday (18.04.09) Timing not decided
11) Monday (20.04..09) 3.30pm to 6.30pm
12) Tuesday (21.04.09) We play till perfect
13) Wednesday (22.04.09) 1.30pm to 4.30pm so yes. i am stressed! btw, the ones in green are the impt die die cannot miss sessions.. sigh. but its all kinda fun with the tension in the air. we’re going all out for the makeup n hair n appearance stuff.. i mean we’re gonna have NAIL POLISH! major much? lols. so yes. that about it for ino. oh wait, i forgot. INO IS GONNA ROCK SYF DUDES!
drama module is fun as usual.. no big diff. still making lavanya k cringe in laughter. lols. just brightens up my week! *high five kayal*
ics show drama.. hmm.. going well.. tension running high though. people starting to get stressed out.. we can do it ics! quoting lava k.. “We’re the best cast anyone can ever get and we’re gonna rock this show!’ guess what? SHES RIGHT!
i’ve made major decisions about this. rather difficult decisions but still had to make them.. D: sad. will update you after i’ve made the announcement..
Currently non existent. haha. no hse prac for vry long. ihgs going strong baby!
Okay, this just makes me miserable.. i majorly screwed up my SAs. sigh. whatever i got back anyway. i just have no time to study at all.. which is why i am making the huge decision(mentioned above). so, gonna study A LOT more. no more slacking! btw, im planning to take chem, bio, history, lit next year for those who asked me.. hate both geog and physics.. LOL :D
okay i just wanna say this. THANK YOU! thanks to all those people who have helped me through this stressful time and still are. im know i haven’t really been myself lately, blame it on the raffles programme. im just really stressed and tired all the time. i’ve been through my first ever emo phase.. i just feel damn restless and alone and miserable sometimes.. i know i have friends i can depend on but you know. just feel vry cooped to cheer myself and you up, i’ll tell you funny things that happened recently..
i just wanna say that i sit with the freaking BEST GROUP in 201!! we have lots of fun!! really.. lols. for ur viewing pleasure, i’ll type out a parody of a poem we had to do during lit another day.. so funny!! anyway, we have this girl from the singapore japanese school visiting us for two days.. this is what happened:
Mrs Ho: So girls, lets ask our visitor whether she has experienced volcanoe/earthquake before!
Japanes girl(Aska): *stares blankly* ( she doesnt understand much english )
Keiko: *searches frantically in japanese-english dictionary for words* *gives up* (random jap here. i’ll translate) you know the *does mountain hand action* PSHHH?! EXPLODE? PSHHH??
201: *laughs insanely*
Aska: *laugh along at keiko’s fail attempt*
lols. so funny! oh and today for assembly choir and anklung performed! damn good la! WELL DONE CHENGYI, CLAIRE, ZIYUN! oh and some random pair came and did some random swing dance very random;y. we were all highly amused.. XD
thats about it guys.. i promise i’ll update soon.. cross ur fingers for INO! we’re aiming foe gold with honours, and we KNOW WE’LL GET IT! btw, congrats for getting gwh IND!


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