hello guys!!

i know its been a loong time since i updated, so here it is.. :D hmm.. what has been going in my life so far? err.

SAs. The most hated abbreviation in the whole history of abbreviations. (PT comes a close second!) Well, almost all my exams are over. still have three left: History, Biology and Literature. Was mugging bio today, just took a break. really hope i do well for this round of SAs. esp maths! god knows thats pulling my gpa down. sigh. i SOOO hate maths. oh btw, for those who don’t know.. i have already more or less decided what combination i want to take next year.

1st choice: Chem, Bio, History, Lit. This combi sooo rocks man! i mean, i hate geog and physics. I just wish i can drop maths. groan.

2nd choice: Trip Science, History. Cause, if im taking trip science, physics will already pull down my grades, i can’t afford to have lit pulling it down too. history is a much safer option.

So people, come join me in the world of slack combinations! hmm.. what else shall i talk about?

oh yess. ICS SHOW! The drama is shaping up really well! we’re all like really INTO the whole thing. the feel that hangs around during practice is just AWESOME! We’re gonna rock it man! i can feel it in my bones!! practice is always really fun! except the parts where lava k goes insane and starts jumping around. YES LAVA, you do that. (: we have lots of cool moments. we’re hoping to compile our craziness into a spoof of the entire drama. like a video we can show the audience. how fantastic is that? haha. ohh, and lava is a SLAVEDRIVER! she want us to come down EVERY WEEKDAY DURING THE JUNE HOLS, at SIX-THIRTY AM! no, i am not even kidding. i mean, we’re all really productive in the morning n stuff, but 6.30? thats just evil dude. byebye sleep i guess. lava, i hate you.

haha. sitting next to chengyi in class is hilarious!! she keeps trying to sleep n i won’t let her!! a few moments in class…

*chengyi pretends to sleep*

Arathi: *whispers loudly to candy* Chengyi is so pretending to sleep man!
Candy: Ooh, is she ticklish? Tickle her!!
Arathi: *blank face* do i look like i want to get smacked?
Candy: OMGOSH, Chengyi will smack you?!?!
Chengyi: *gets up* Arathi, i WILL smack you!


Arathi: *whispers loudly* eh, candy. its so weird. chengyi keep vibrating randomly!
Candy: Vibrating?! why?!
Arathi: See! She is doing it now!
*Chengyi silently shaking with laughter with her head on the table*
Arathi: You see? its so freaky… its like silent mode like that.


Arathi: *keeps blabbing nonsense, for the sole reason of keeping chengyi awake*
Chengyi: Aeurrghh! Shut up la! Why do even listen to you?! AIYO! *bangs head on table* I am going to another table to sleep PEACEFULLY!
Arathi: *calls after her* Chengyi, don’t worry! i have ruined your sleep for today! i bet you won’t feel sleepy anymore!!

haha. SOO, moral of the story: Do NOT try to sleep in class with Arathi around!! *insert evil laughter here* you can ask chengyi bout that! :DD i am bringing a lame jokebook to schl on wednesday so that i can annoy the chengyi out of chengyi in school! *insert evil laughter here*

hmm. what else ah? oh ya! i got 20/20 for my biology PT! woohoo! i so love bio man! oh and apparently i have a THERAPEUTIC smile! haha. thanks ms tan! ((:

err. i don’t think i have anything else to say. so bye? yes, bye!!! i’ll be back soon with more stories to tell!!


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