heyos! its high time i updated.. hmm. what shall i talk about? oh yes. HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!! woohoo! damn happy la! im like finally getting more time to catch up with mt primary school friends. gonna meet up with them sooon! can’t wait! oh and guess what?


a honda civic, 1.8. damn nice la. so happy. :D my bro just can’t wait to get his license(in 2 weeks)! hes like dying cause he sees this brand new, shiny car in front of him but he can’t drive it. oh well, tough luck bro. (: what else? oh yes!

I went to alagu’s house last monday! was funn! but pavithra had to leave early cause she had veena class. sad. after she left, alagu and i attempted to watch a movie but failed cause i was falling asleep. so, alagu, her mum and i oplayed cards for a while. then played snap. then painted this clay model of this fairy. it was actually fun! i thought i would completely screw it up but it actually turned out great! (: i left at arnd 7.45. my dad picked me up!! YAY! lols.

oh yess. did i ever mention that HINDI MOVIES ROCK?! they soo totally do man! i don’t watch many but i will now rate and tell you bout the ones i have watched.


1) Devdas! best movie ever man! made me cry 3 times during the movie! its damn sad la! but its seriously wow! wonderfully taken! highly recommended! but for those people who don’t like sentimental movies which make you cry, im not sure if you’ll enjoy it. starring sharukh khan and aishwarya rai.

2) Fanaa! great, great dialogues man! damn poetic. i watched this movie and realised that hindi is such a poetic, beautiful language. made me cry at the end. watch with subtitles if you dunno hindi.. starring aamir khan and kajol.

3) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai! haha. nice for a fun movie with the whole family. very cute! starring sharukh khan, kajol and rani mukherjee.

4) Lagaan! quite nice la. its a cricket movie. starring aamir khan and ______.

5) Dhoom 2! Quite nice la. Some parts are nice.. Hrithik’s dancing is awesome!! starring hrithik roshan and aishwarya rai.

6) Kabi Kushi Kabi Gham! an okay movie. wouldn’t say great or anything. starring sharukh khan, kajol, hrithik roshan.


3 000 0000) Mangal Pandey. Absolute crap. do NOT watch it. biggest mistake of my life.

haha.. so thats kinda it. lols. i dun noe what else to say. hmm..

ics show is starting to take shape. going well. anjana and tisha have this great song medley thing. awesomee! ((: drama, as usual, is lots of fun!

nothing else. i think. okaays, bye for now! will try to update soon!! ((((:


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