heh. alright guys, i reawaken from the dead!!

*cue in dramatic music*

i know, i know, i haven’t updated in like forever but i am sorry!! and i DO miss blogging, hence i have decided to return to blogging! i hope to blog at least once a week, perhaps more. cause there is quite alot going on in my life, but i have actually taken to talking to myself [aka keeping a diary in my itouch] and spamming people’s live feeds with my status updates until it looks like a twitter account. :D which i actually want to have, but it has a loong sorrowful story behind it, which i shall now narrate:

i actually created a twitter account for a while, under the name arathigal, which is what most of my accounts are called, to stalk tom felton [heh] then i discovered that i could stalk him even without an account so i deleted my account. BIG MISTAKE. cause when i tried to recreate an account, i couldn’t cause even after you delete an account, the username will remain under use. sort of. so i could use arathigal anymore and i lack creativity to think up another one. hence i do not have a twitter account. sad, yes i know. sighh.

hmm. updates about my life. im now in Sec 3 [wow, never thought i could make it this far!!] and life is tough. and i mean it. the workload is unbelievable. i guess stress comes along in the package labelled RGS but never thought it would be this bad. the number of PTs at a time is much higher than the number of times i’ve gone out this holidays [i had 5 PTs at one shot if you were wondering, and no, i don’t have a life] its simply horrid. i never knew sleep deprivation until i hit sec 3. really. i mean, i get 6 hours of sleep on a reallyreally good day, 4 on a bad one, 2 on a really bad one, and none on a horrible day. i’ve gone on 6 hours of sleep for THREE days, one of which was SPORTS FREAKING FEST. shudder. but onto that later. :D i shall now categorize my life to better enhance your reading. :D


306 is an amazingamazing class! love you guys to bits! it has been an awesome so-far-year with you guys, and im so glad and thankful that i get to spend my last 2 years with a bunch of the whackiest people in school! :D i will now further group my experience with this awesome class!

1) OBS! OBS was sooo much fun, now that i look back on it! of course, it was a right pain when we were experiencing it first hand, but the memories are truly some that i treasure. worst part? hmm, definitely the backpacks!! gah, my back hurts even thinking about it! shudder. carrying that dreadful thing on my back for the whole land ex was painful man! especially with nicholas smirking throughout. best part? definitely my watch and my tent mates! you guys were a blast!!

my watch [boseng!!] was awesome!! was tons of fun with all of you and could really connect! like during the land ex, when we were all dying, me, amirah, chanel, heather and caitlan had a looong enlightening conversation on TV shows, especially those we watched when we were young. rediscovering shows like “as told by ginger” and “cow and chicken” was great!! as were all the plans on how we were going to enjoy civilization once we got back. :D and i think the confession thingum was super bonding!! :D like all of you found out about my bro and about heather and about chanel’s whackyy dreams. :D

sleeping at night was so whacky with brillia, desiree and amelia! they were all truly EPIC. basically, desiree forced us all to do leg lifts before we slept at night. yes -.- right. :D and she kept singing the stupid “raffles girls’ school: my pride and my joy” all the time, esp during our powder bath, and i swear, she only knew the first line. xD and she jumped on me in the middle of the night!! nearly gave me cardiac arrest! and brillia was so cute! she randomly woke up in the middle of the night and asked “are we in singapore yet?” heh. and amelia was so stoned most of the time. she sleeps the second her head touches the pillow and stone throughout the time we try to assemble and dessemble [hehe, new word!] the tents. in the end we made her the torch bearer, which just means she stoned while flashing the torch for us. :D but it was tons of funs with you guys! love you man!!

kayaking was another fun thing! Me, Amirah and Gladys had a blast. we survived the terrible weather guys! actually it got so bad, that one boat capsized, one nearly got hit by a container ship and one nearly crashed into some cliffs. we were so scared that we started praying and writing wills and singing songs like fearless! :D

and however can we forget the wonderful wild boars? heh. made OBS more fun and thrilling! a couple of wild boars actually ‘broke into’ our campsite and scared us all nearly to death!

and high elements was fun too! terribly scary especially when you’re the one god knows how many feet up, but you feel insanely accomplished in the end. :D

and our instructors were pretty awesome too! gek fong was so motherly and nice, with all the milo and star gazing, and nicholas was… interesting. :D both of them were reallyy good at making us feel guilty though!! D:

hence, OBS was super fun and made our class alotalot closer!!

2) Breaks, Free Periods and Supposed-to-be-Studying time. haha, so much fun! cause we ALWAYS go off on a tangent and talk about completely unrelated, sometimes sick stuff! :D and the whole breaking out into song thing is so much fun! esp when we all start belting out HSM songs, which we know like the back of our hand, until Ms Ong comes in and says “okay girls, no more singing.” EPIC. and its like everyone gets along with everyone. although we all have the group of people we particularly like hanging out with, which is to be expected, we can still have fun as a class! like during recess it doesn’t matter which table i sit at, i can always find something fun to talk and laugh about! and the thing i love most about our class is that you can be as whacky as you want, as weird as you want, and you’re still accepted and embraced for it. its like “okay arathi is super weird, but heck! we still love her!” and i adoree you guys for it! :D

3) DESKIES! haha, i have awesomeawesomeawesome deskmates!

sarah mok is hilarious with all the poking and google medical ideas. and annoying hanjun with her is super fun! :D and she is epic with mrs raja! :D HEH.

nicole chua is AWESOME. its really great to sit next to someone who you can actually talk and connect to, and yet makes you do work. :D its super awesome to talk to her, cause she actually listens [except when she’s sleeping, which is a frighteningly large proportion of her time] and offers sound advice. although her brown pen obsession and delusions [IM SO COOL RIGHT] are a tiny little bit weird. :D

caitlan: she is soo fun to work with during group work and all cause she is so creative and will always think of something interesting to do! and she is really funny. :D hardcore OMer im telling you! :D

qiuhui: haha, qiuhui is so cute. i always thought she s super dao, but once she gets to know you properly she never daos you, except when she’s sleepy, and can be really sweet! :D thanks for helping with the scream boards again qiuhui!! i owe you manymany. :D

joelle: hehe, super cute la this one. either manically taking down notes, sleeping or camwhoring with nicole chua. :D hopeless. but another super sweet person who is so fun to be around!

mich: haha, so funnyy! with all her sick jokes and random singing, she is a joy to be around! :D

hanjun: heh, another super funny one. with all her dry sarcasm and sudden bimbotic moments, she is super amusing to be around. and also exceptionally fun to throw notes at, asking for a date! xD

so yeah, table mates are funfunfun! :D

alright, im gonna stop at that for 306, although there is tons more to tell, i’ll save it for later! :D next up…


haha you guy are tons of fun! i know our relationships aren’t as smooth-slowing as it was last year, but i still hold on to the hope that we can hold on to our spirit and emerge as one, big, happy batch! especially when we go into RJ, cause from the stories i’ve heard, we really need the support of out batch to survive out there!

Morning Walk Buddies!! haha, morning walks are FUN TTM! heh, its like the members of this exclusive [haha, no la. you can always drop by if you wanna join us!] club always change around, except me. >< im always the one 'emoing' at the balcony thing. haha, its so much fun to talk about all sorts of weird things in the morning with you guys, and we just have so much material! haha, to name a few members of this club: Me, Eswari, Premikha, Karthigah, Pavithra, Nivedha, Alagu, Deepa and many more people! its just makes my day to see you guys earlyy in the morning, and i hope this tradition will last until we go to RJ and even continue there!! :D

In our batch, i’ve made many friends, lost a couple but i think i’ve emerged stronger and more enlightened to the ways of the world after all the issues ad politics. but im not saying its a good thing. i think it CAN be avoided, and we should all work towards that goal, no matter how far and impossible it seems.

ENNALA BOI? love you guys to bits! :D


haha, buckle can be really taxing sometimes, especially when you’re the sub comm head cause you tend to get chased for things a lot. sad really. but then sports fest comes along! super tiring, cause im always running around, fanning people and teaching cheers and cheering and all. but still super fun! the people in house comm really make house events so much fun! like sandra, alagu and my whole sub comm. and my juniors are soo whacky! like jane and amanda! but they’re all tons of fun to be around, and the best part about sports fest? THE MILO VAN!! haha, paradise on wheels, i swear. i do’t even have words to describe it, and thats a first. :D

so all in all, life’s hard but still fun and awesome and great! holidays are helping me to catch up on some well-deserved sleep, my dark circles are GONE and i hope my eye bags disappear soooon! :D

ohoh, and im going out with my primary school friend this wednesday!! to the zoo! its gonna be so much fun, and i can’t wait to see all of them again!!

anyway, i hope i made up for my long absence with my exceptionally long post. :D have a great rest of your holidays guys! :D i’ll update soon, i promise!! and remember to tag!! :D

love all of you! byebye!


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