Hey guys!!

Guess who just got blogpress? That’s right!! Me!! Heh. So yeah, decided to draft out a post while waiting for my dad after tuition.. Today was awesomeee! :D

First, in the morning, I went for math clinic. Which surprisingly wasn’t as bad as I expected!! I actually understood some of logarithms!! Yay decent math teachers!! :D

After that, went for lunch with my dad, at soup spoon, which was quite fun! :D although my dad was trying too hard to be funny. -.- he said that his Simon garfunkel soup is suppose to shock him into a “sound of silence” (cool folks who listen to old music should get the bad pun!) and asked me why my tshirt (my combined house tshirt) was sk groovy. Yes, I swear to god, he said groovy. Sigh. My dad can be so cute sometimes. :D

After that is the super fun, awesome part- I went to the library!! Cause I had like two and and a half hours to kill, So I decided to go to the national library, which I usually don’t like since it’s not at all conducive for studying or group work. But I think I changed my mind sometime in the 2 hours when I was happily curled up in a super comfy armchair, with a great book, aircon and absolutely no worries about any upcoming pts. In fact I was so happy and relaxed that I was grinning like an idiot the whole way to Aspen. So much so that i think people thought I was high on drugs. ><

And tuition was also fun cause ms tay and I discussed about whether she should buy an iPhone or not. I think showing her my jailbroken iPod in all it’s glory excited her quite a bit. :P.

Alright, I’m in an incredible mood and I’m in the car with my parents going for dinner. Where? Little India. Typical.

Anyway, i gotta run now, pratas are beckoning to me(: byebye guys!!

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