Hey guys(: nope, despite the emoish title, this isnt actually an emo post! xD

Haha, I’m at the bpp bustop now, waiting for 963. Gah. Actually a 963 passed by like 5 mins ago, but the driver ignored me and drove past. I feel betrayed by SMRT. T.T

And on a completely unrelated note, have any of you noticed that Singapore roads are getting awful? Like they’re all bumpy and horrible. It’s like being back in India again! -.- I mean I love India and all, patru ttm man, but clean it up, both literally and figuratively (politics wise) and I’ll love it alot more! :P

Haha, and since lava practically forced me to post about her (haha) i shall.

Lava is awesome and great and funny and sweet and caring and dependable and trustworthy! Happy?

And yesyesyes, all of the above IS sorta true. :/ kinda. Heh, kidding!

Lalala, I’m bored and 963 isn’t here yet!! Whyyy? Stupid bus. I’m STARVING!

Oh and btw, I’m on my way home from INO. Which was pretty fun today!! But mohana varnam is damn -.- man. Almost as bad as brahmamokate para (haha, try saying it! It’s fun to say but definitely not fun to play). Almost, but not quite.

And I’m gonna type until 963 comes, so do forgive me if I ramble. ><

Lalalala. Dumdumdum. *clears throat*

OH, haha the bus just came. Thank god, i was running out of things to say (what do you mean it was obvious?!)

Anyways, just feel like saying this: BLG<3

Haha, alright, byebye for now. I shall spare you guys. For now. Muahaha. >:)

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