hey guys. alright, i’ve sort of gone down from my incredible high. maybe the novelty wore off. i dunno. but whatever la. accepted it, just have to see where it goes from here..

anyway, im gonna post about my insanely incredible friends(: you guys are so freaking awesome. i swear. i was talking to alagu yesterday, and explaining it to her, made me understand it more for myself. all of us have people who honestly care alot about us, and they might not make it TOO obvious. but its there. and sometimes, we just have to look for it. cause like helen keller said:

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

and its true. cause we often keep looking at those who betray our trust, those who hurt us and those who don’t care one whit bout us, that we fail to observe those who were always there with open arms, just waiting to catch you if you fall. but fortunately, it never too late to reconcile with these amazing people. and thankfully, i’ve found my true friends.

Alagu: Well, you’ve always been around, and i know that im PMSy to you sometimes, but you still put up with all my nonsense and help me up anyway. you’re supporting t the most needy of times and im so glad to have met you as a friend, and as a confidant. you rock man. 

Pavithra: Haha, i seriously love our super long phone conversations man. and im sure we could have spoken longer yesterday if my brother hadn’t stopped me. xD but you’re seriously great, how you listen to me, and offer me sound advice, ILY tons. [haha, im proud of you for finding out what that meant!!]

Benita: You are AWESOME man. seriously. you’re really great to talk to, cause you’re so sensible yet completelyy cuckoo. you’re great fun and incredibly cute. :D and sweet(: loved your note ttm!

Srruthi: Haha, you really listen to my 15-year old whining with loads of patience(: i really appreciate your advice and you’re really fun to tease. :D

Lava: HAHA, what can i say man. seriously. you’re awesome. ttm. i mean, you’re always around to talk, help and offer a hug. and im really thankful for that. and you know how much i value you as a friend(: your sudden sisterly overprotectiveness is so cute. :D i hope we can meet soon man!

Nicole Chua: haha, you’re awesome man(: one of the few people i get giggly with. xD but yeah, you basically know my life pretty well and are super fun to rant/talk/confide to during lessons! :D

and these are not all. there are other who have helped me tons along the way, but these are the ones who jumped to my head immediately. if i haven’t mentioned you, its not because i don’t value you as a friend, its more because im too lazy. :D and cause i don’t think you’ll read this anyway. :P
im so thankful for you guys and it really gets me through my hard days, knowing that i can go to you and just spill my worries.

thanks for putting up with all my crap. :D


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