Hey guys.

Yeah well, haven’t posted in a while. Sigh. I’m drowning in work already. Although it’s like the first day of school. -.- why?

Because i’m a horrible procrastinator during holidays. D: aah. I got absolutely no work done. At all. Ergh.

Have SS exam on wednesday, which I haven’t studied for yet, and still have no idea WHAT to study. Gah. And haven’t even started SS PT. Ergh.

But I’ve sort of decided what to do. But still have to work on it. And RS. And other exams to study for. Like math (ergh) and history (aah) and Tamil! Aaaah. Stress!! D:

Other than work, there’s nothing else going on in my life. Oh well. Certain people are being nonexistent. -.-

Oh well, I’ll post sometime later guys. After my exams perhaps. Aah.

hey guys, I wrot this like last weekend, but forgot to post, so yeah. Content might be a little outdated. My SS exam is actually over. xD

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Location:Heh. Don’t tell you. :D


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