Pissed Off

okay guys, pissed off post, if you don’t want to hear me ranting, it might be apt to not read this post and just wait for the next hopefully happier one.

okay, well. i’m pissed. and i feel like i’m being suffocated. i mean, i like to have some alone time, to just stone, and reflect by myself, and i think people need to understand that. i mean, i agree that i used to get pissed off about that, now i’m starting to think about things from other perspectives as well. and like, i have things going on in my life, that i don’t tell anyone, and sometimes i wish people can just accept that without asking and assuming. cause yeah. i have issues too.

and its just annoying when people start to get all like ‘why are you daoing me? and i know you’re lying when you say you’re busy’ cause im not. okay? i have stuff to do at home too. for those who don’t know, we got rid of our maid and decided to sorta work things out between ourselves. and since both my parents work, and my brother is pretty much non-existent from my home life, a lot of the housework is on me. and i’m not complaining, cause i get why i have to do it, and i know my parents are already working hard and stuff. but i’m just saying this so that you can understand that i have stuff going on too.

and i am really thankful that you’ve been around for me, really i am. but i would understand if you’re busy, or if you don’t reply, and i just hope you’d do the same for me, cause really, its not intentional.

and i’m not posting this here to piss you off, if you do read it, i just need to rant, and i don’t know who to rant to.


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