well, this is probably the last post about this.

i have no idea why you’re doing this. i dunno why you want to hurt me, but yeah, the truth is: you have. and you’ve done it numerous times too. and i dunno why i keep forgiving, all i need is for you to say sorry. but now, i don’t think its enough now. because there’s only so much sorry can do. and there’s really no point in saying it if you don’t mean it. 
and the worst part is that, when i FINALLY move on, you just come on back to make me fall all over again. and i don’t think i have the energy or the emotional capacity to take it anymore. so, if you do read this, please don’t come back into my life, if you insist on leaving again, which im always sure you will.
and maybe if you have time, you can go listen to ‘too much to ask’ and ‘tomorrow you didn’t’ by avril. might shine some light.
so, im so sick and tired of you. i swear. im sick of caring, im sick of not wanting to care, im sick of wishing you’d care. and im just so tired, and i feel like crying now. but whatever, i’ve wasted enough time on you. and if you ever look back on this, remember that its YOU who screwed this up. not me. i’ve tried to be the bigger person over and over again, but i like to be cared for once in a while too. but i guess, that tim hasn’t come, and i’ll continue hoping that it will.
and seriously. sec three is the time where people you didn’t even know, become your closely-knit friends. and those whom you used to know really well, just drift away.
and i suppose you just have to accept that. some relationships are just not meant to be. 
‘good things fall apart, so better things can fall together’
i’m gonna try and believe in this with all that i have, so i can be optimistic about the whole thing.
and im just gonna go with the flow. things will fall into place, and i just have to wait patiently. but i do have the hope and the trust that things will get better, and thats all im holding on to.
alright, thats the last post about THAT, im sorry for repeatedly going on about the same thing. i shall stop and actually move on like i’ve been telling myself for the last couple of years. 
okay, byebye, i’ll be back with a hopefully happier post soon!

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