okay, i never thought i’d be saying this. but i think i bore people. and annoy them. cause im always talking about the same few things in my life. and i don’t want to be some sort of burden on them. so i’ve decided to stop. talking openly about my problems just makes me more depressed anyway. so i shall blog instead of talk. at least if im annoying you, you can always close the browser. which you’re free to do btw. hmph.

enough of all the self pity man. im getting pathetic. im just gonna have to stick up for myself and deal with my own problems without just whining about it. openly anyway. cause i know this isn’t the worst thing thats gonna be thrown at me. so i should just chill out. and just tell myself the worst has not come, as pessimistic as it sounds, its whats gonna get me through. oh well. whatever works right?

i hate annoying people omg. wait, i meant annoying as a verb. i hate the action of annoying people. not annoying people. although noone really likes annoying people. oh well. im rambling. xD i shall get going. :D


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