I haven’t updated in so long, ohno. but anyway, this holidays were a complete disgrace to the concept of holidays. Seriously. I was camping out at JE library and copying notes and sleeping most of the time. I slept like a PIG this hols. Seriously! I never ever knew I could sleep this much, I even think my eye bags have disappeared! Okay nope, I just checked, they’re still very much there. D: dark circles are gone though! yay!

what else. hmm. OH YES. have I mentioned that I LOVE the private series by kate brian? if not, here it is: I LOVE THE PRIVATE SERIES BY KATE BRIAN. AHH. I have almost the whole series in pdf. >:) except scandal. I WANT! so curious to find out what happens ahhh.

and uhh. ohyes. despite all the times I have vehemently proclaimed that I hated rap, I honestly LOVE Eminem! AHH. his songs actually make sense, which is quite rare in rap, and his love for his daughter, Hailie, is so darn sweet I swear. I felt like my heart was cracking in two, listening to ‘when I’m gone’. probably my favourite song by him! and its really cool, cause he makes TONS of references to his personal life, and I didn’t really get them until I wiki-ed him. THEN, it all fell into place. :D really cool. :D

I’ll leave you guys with a really cool quote:

‘You really loved him, didn’t you?

That was a psychological question. Although no names were mentioned, someone’s name suddenly came into your mind.’

cool right! and sad. oh well.


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