okay, im damn pissed right now. for those who don’t know, i might be moving. and my parents are like considering thom-freaking-son. ad as in, it was cool at first and stuff, but i don’t want to move dammit! i mean, tons of my friends are here in the west, and if i move somewhere else, its always gonna be ‘why the hell are you going all the way to JURONG EAST? you’re a girl! you can’t go that far by yourself’ and i’ll just get annoyed. i mean wtf man. all this time I’ve been happy that most of my good friends live around me, so its easy to meet up and stuff. and if i move to thomson, or wherever they want to move, i’m gonna get damn pissed off.

i mean, they’re not even considering what im saying. i mean, its all ‘OMG its near botanical gardens!’ or ‘its near MACRITCHIE. can you believe it!?’ and im like where the hell is near my FRIENDS. and they’re just like ‘you have to keep moving forward’ like they’re the freaking meet the robinsons or something. so bloody annoying omg.

and i love my house fyi. i don’t want to move. i don’t care if its crazily far from bishan, i don’t bloody want to move.

and im so pissed off right now, that i could have sworn so many freaking (another moment there) times. honestly. what happened to ‘we’re never gonna move! don’t you love our house? YAY’ and now, just because its near botanical freaking gardens its okay to move?!


thanks for ruining my buzz, oh-so-wonderful family of mine. -.-


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