Okay, I have tons of plans for what I want to do after EOYs but the first on the list is definitely rereading the entire Harry Potter series. Definitely.

I just miss HP so bloody much.

I just feel sad for those who aren’t into the whole HP thing. The insane warmth I feel when I’m doing something HP is indescribable. HP basically encompasses most of my childhood. I basically grew up with Harry, laughed alongside him, cried alongside him, lost alongside him.. Its incredible that 7 books have altered so many lives around the world.

But thats the thing, Harry Potter isn’t just a series, its a PHENOMENON. It tells us everything we need to know about life: bravery, loyalty, integrity, friendship and maybe most important of all, LOVE.

With just 7 books, JKR has compressed a lifetime worth of lessons and experiences. I’ve made friends there, made enemies there, learnt to look beyond experiences there..

I mean, I know Harry like the back of my hand, know exactly what Hermione would say in a situation and I’ve learnt about the complexity of people.

Harry Potter is all about shades of grey. It tells us that not everything is black or white. If you look at all the characters, they’ve all blossomed so beautifully. And none of them are perfect. Harry is too hasty and short tempered, and doesn’t like to open up to people. Hermione is too uptight. Ron is too easily taken away by his emotions, a little like Harry. Lupin let his friends speak up for him way too much. Dumbledore was too protective.

And not all the bad characters are necessarily completely evil. Two of my most favourite characters are Severus and Draco. Both of them are beautifully portrayed. Everyone hates Severus, because he’s edgy and odd and just different. But he turns out to be the real hero, the dark knight, the obsidian blade.

‘Those who have always been on the side of the Light are good. But those who have known the shadows, who have suffered, who have endured the contempt of others yet have continued to walk towards the light.. they are truly great. ‘

Who exemplifies this more than Severus? I absolutely love him, and I love JKR for making me understand that there is good in everyone, however masked, however hidden.

And as for Draco, I really love his character because it just has so much potential. I will never accept the fact that he is evil. Rubbish. He was just a young boy, who did what he could to save his family. He had been brought up his whole life with this belief system, he was completely sheltered from any sort of contact from halfbloods, muggleborns or muggles, how was he supposed to know that he was being fed a whole lot of shit? He did what he did, because he was standing by his family and friends, just the same as what Ron or Hermione were doing. How then do we have the right to judge him? Sure, he could have walked away like Severus, but he didn’t have anyone like Lily to show him good from wrong. He didn’t have anyone with a strong enough moral compass, at the same time someone who loved him enough to guide him. He was just a lost, confused boy, trying to do what he struggles to believe is right. And if he WAS evil, why did he hesitate when he raised his wand against Dumbledore? Why did he hesitate before identifying the trio in the manor?

anyway, I think I got a little carried away. I still have tons to say though. Oh well, I’m gonna go have fun reading harry potter character analyses, with the HP theme song on repeat in the background(: byebyeeee!


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