Career :O

Hey guys. I’m just mulling over what I want to do in the future, what I can major in, to begin with. And its all just a mess in my head right now. Cause I think its about time I have an idea of what I want to do, but its just difficult because all the career options that are floating around in my head aren’t the typical doctor or engineer that will make my parents happy. As much as I want to go into those fields, I don’t think I have the passion or dedication for them. Currently, what I’m considering..

Anthropology. It is superr cool to analyze human behaviour and why people act the way they do. Like sociology and anthropology have always held this appeal for me. This would be ideal for me, honestly, but I just don’t know what career options I can have if I major in this. I mean, what is the scope right? I guess I can be a consultant at some marketing firm or something, but hmm.

Psychology. Once again, like the above. Finding out the way people work is just so insane. Like the whole thought process and the body language and everything. So fun! But seriously, being a counselor doesn’t sound very attractive to me D:

Linguistics. Its also very cool to indepth study the structure and evolution of language. And this will probably require me to learn like a billion languages, fluently. Hmm, sounds like a lotttt of work :P

Marketing. Advertising is one of the funnest things ever. It is so interesting to go into the tiny nuances of the consumer’s minds, and craft your marketing scheme appropriately.

I guess, after looking at everything, the underlying theme in everything is psychology and peopleness. I’m just scared that I’ll be made to hobo around jobless ): but I guess there will always be  campus interviews and in these kind of fields, if you’re good at it, if you can say the right things, you’ll make it. Right?

Ahh, I’m so worried now. The only consolation is that I can just tell Math to go and die, cause nowhere in those options to I mention anything vaguely to do with Math xD sigh. I’m just gonna go now. I just realized its not New Year anymore!

First post of 2011! Me worrying over my future, hmm. Hope its a good sign?


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