Sleepyyy ):

Ergh, so not supposed to be here right now, but ohwell xD Doing my Commonwealth Essay now, ahaha procrastionation ftw(: English rep somemore, I’m such a bad example omg :O anyway, just wanted to drop by and sya that I’m so lucky to have incredible friends!

In RGS, I’ve met some of the most amazing people, and they’ve become my steadfast friends. Alagu is most definitely one of my best friends, she’s been around for me through all my shitty mood swings, and stuck around, and I love her to bits for that! I’ve gotten a lot closer to Nicole too, although I haven spoken to her properly in very long despite the fact that she sits next to me. CAN YOU COME BACK TO MSN NICOLE >(

And my primary school friends are just awesomeawesomeawesome. I honestly think we’re gonna be friends forever! We’ve been so close for so long, and I was really scared that we might drift off, hence my last post. But Benita and Yvonne messaged me, and made me a hell lot happier(: you guys are really sweet(: yes, we’ll be at one another’s weddings and be godmothers to our kids and be superduper close okay! And we should definitely have the road trip thing! I’m excited ready(:

Anyway, I love all of you to bit and pieces, idk what I’d do without you, honestly I don’t <3

Okay, I gotta go finish up my essay nowww ): 


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