Haha, today was a fun day!! :D yay(: in the morning, well, the morning didn’t really exist cause I woke up late xD in the afternoon, anyway, we had our first ever ICS SHOW COMMITTEE MEETING! And it was held in my house, and was surprisingly productive!! Shocking, yes I knowww. But well, we did a decent amount of work, laughed a hell lot, and had fun(:

After that, in the evening after everyone left, I went with my brother and his friends! Just came back actually! Uhh, with my bro, Kc, Sangithah, Santhea and their cousin Hari.. Was super fun cause I was laughing my head off most of the time xD went to Vivo to collect my brother’s jeans which were given for alteration then headed on to The Cheese Prata shop for dinner!! :D was super epic and fun! And it was so great that they all treated me like family throughout the whole thing. Even Hari, whom I met for the first time today, was like super funny and nice and stuff.. And the car rides were epiccc with all the shouting and singing and stuff. Hahaha, it was so fun yay!

And its just nice, cause these are the genuinely nice, innocent kind of people! I mean, yeah, they look a bit gangster and stuff, but they’re all really nice people, with like no ulterior motives, which is something reallyreally hard to find. Something which is almost nonexistent in Indian Indians. Seriously, its like I’m immediately inducted into the family of sorts even though its my first time meeting them! And like I’m introed as their cousin sister and stuff and its all just really sweet(: the sharing food is just so awhhhh. They’re such nice people ahhhhh.

Should get a local boyfriend man! With this kind of super nice friendly happy-go-lucky kind of family. Will be so awesome. Instead of the annoying Maamiyar shit. Ergh.

Today was a great day(:


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