Annoying shit.

My mum is being so annoying seriously. She is like nagging and complaining and just plain being mean to me all the bloody time. I mean seriously wtf la. I had work to do on the laptop, and the charger was with my bro so I couldn’t start work until my brother came home. So I was like slacking for like 30 mins, with music on my phone, then she came and started being all bitchy and told me to give her my phone. wtfffff. I was like -.- whatheshit is your problem!? then I was so irritated. And my brother came home quite late, then just when I started on my work, she wanted me to go and eat. Then she was like sucking up to me, cause there were guests over. I was seriously like -.-!!! then after they left, she told me to sweep the house, but I still had a hell lot of work left, so I asked my brother to help me, and we were like having a mock argument. Then my mum, being a bitch, came out and asked me to give the broom to her, and was bitching to my dad asking why I couldn’t do it myself blabla. I mean seriously, not even her business la! I was asking my brother to do only right. What the shit is her problem. And its not cause I’m lazy, its cause I have work to do, and my brother was free. I mean, when he is doing work, I do the stuff right.

Its so annoying. I mean, its like after my brother started studying properly and stuff, they’ve been breathing down my back and complaining about how I’m such a slacker and stuff. I mean, I am making an effort okay! I have done more Math homework in the past 1 month than the whole of last year. I am trying, and you just don’t see it cause you’re either not at home, or you’re talking to my bro. I mean, I think they’ll just die if they don’t act like one of their children is the biggest disappointment ever. Its so irritating.

I’m just sick and tired of it all. I try to be optimistic, I try to be hardworking, and its like nobody appreciates it. Parents should seriously learn to be more motivating, instead of just finding fault and irritating the shit out of their children all the time. A little praise and appreciation won’t kill someone you know.

They seriously need to start appreciating me. I know I may not be the ideal daughter, I have issues too, but they don’t see how much I’m giving up so that I don’t upset/disappoint them. They don’t see the sacrifices I make.

Its just so bloody obvious that everybody loves my brother more.


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