Okay I feel quite -.- and D: and mostly ): things with friends screwing up. Idk la, we seemed so close last year and stuff, but things just falling apart this year, dunno if its just me, maybe I’m imagining things. Ohwell, I hope its just a phase. But I should seriously stop trying so hard to fix things all the time. I think I’m just making things worse. Ergh, feel so annoyed. And sad. I seriously don’t know what’s wrong, I feel like I’m annoying you a lot. I guess your life has just caught up with you again, I can’t interfere with that. Just.. Ah, I don’t know.

But yeah, something that really pissed me off a couple of days back: I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE ACT DIFFERENTLY AROUND PEOPLE AND WHEN YOU’RE ALONE. Seriously, you talk about how you hate being popular and like how everybody is backstabbing you and what shit. But the thing is, you are just shunning people who genuinely care about you, because they’re not very popular or very cool or whatever, and you’re just stuck with the fake bitches. You’re bringing this on yourself honestly.

There’s only so much I can take also seriously. Yeah sure, you’re nice to me when its just us and stuff, but in front of people I feel so -.- whatever la. if you’re gonna continue doing this, you’re just gonna lose someone who genuinely cares about you, your loss.

I’m supp to be doing Math Unit Summary now D: but yeah, my windows is screwing up so rebooting it now. I need to get office for mac omg :O I hate windows >(

I feel sad.

Butttt on the bright side, me and alagu are getting close again! Things were a little screwed at times, mostly cause of me and my bullshit, but now its all good(: HTHTs <3

Gah, I hate how everything in life is so fickle and temporary. I guess there are just a few people who really stick around through all your messups. And they are the ones who really matter. I’m gonna stop trying so hard, just see how things go. If we don’t’ make it through this, well maybe we’re not meant to be, maybe just too different. I dunno la. 


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