Okay feeling depressed now ): at sumitra’s house, koping her computer cause I really needed to blog to get this off my chest. Birthday coming up soon, and I hatee my birthday. Cause its supp to be the best day of the year, the most awesome, the happiest.  But it always ends up being the most screwed up. Cause the people you expect to wish you first, to wish you the longest sweetest SMS, the most heartfelt one, ends up forgetting. The first SMS you’re supp to get, arrives at like 2 in the afternoon, some insignificant time. and what hurts the most is that fact that you would have woken up at 12 to wish that special person. And you just feel terrible the whole day.

Happens every year. And I know you’re not supposed to expect anything, but you can’t possibly not expect anything on your birthday. This sucks.

Oh and on a different note, today was.. Okay I guess. Not too awkward or anything, but can’t avoid that lingering sadness that just hangs above your head like a dark rain cloud.

I FEEL SO.. insignificant. 


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