Okay guys, feeling really inspired right now, so decided to post and share it with you guys! Basically I watched this interview with Kumar on Youtube. Its called Truth or Dare. You should all go and watch it. Seriously. It really moved me, and made me look at things differently.

Its about how Kumar faced sooo many things in his life, got put down so many times, was so confused, didn’t have any support from anyone. He got pushed down over and over again, people were insulting him and calling him names at every turn, and he really didn’t know what to do. But he kept at life, didn’t give up, didn’t change himself for anything. In fact, he turned all the negative vibes around, turned them into positive energy, made it his career and is now happy and content.

And it just really got me thinking, if he can go through all that shit in his life, and still be happy with the person he is at the end of the day, there’s no reason for us not to. We just have to learn not to give up on ourselves.


Rock on Kumar, rock on. And oh, HE IS REALLY FUNNY. A bit R-rated, okay fine VERY R-rated, but he’s hilarious. He’s so talented and great (: YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION KUMAR (:

Indian Pride (Y)


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