HAHA yay, today was a good day! :D woke up latelate in the morning, ate prata in the morning (oops) and went for CIP with Eswari! Got dreadfully lost and walked around randomly xD We’re going to volunteer at this Hospice in Novena, its really touching and sad cause its basically palliative care ):

And after the orientation, we went for lunch!

At Velocity, which is a very weird mall because people actually play squash and stuff inside. So odd. Anyway, we ate then I left for tuitionnnn. Was like one hour early, so I sat around below Aspen and koped free wifi xD tuition was quite fun, because I actually understood stuff! I’m quite good at electrochem yay! :D and my mum had told me earlier in the morning that we were going to the temple so I was wearing this unglam indian top. In the end my parents decided to bring me to Vivo for birthday shopping! I was so -.- cause I had to walk around like some weirdo. SIGH.

But anyway, birthday shopping with parents was surprisingly fun! Got new clothes and nice new casual shoes! :D yay(: going big time shopping tmr with my bro! :D HEHEHE. It is my sixteenth birthday anyway! :D I’m given licence to waste money on useless material things (:

So basically, today was a good day (:


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