I’ve been so diligent in my posting recently. AREN’T YOU PROUD OF ME? :D Haha, anywayy. Hm, today was a pretty boring day tbh. Nothing much happened O.o why am I even blogging if I have nothing interesting to say ah? Hm.

OH, well Alagu and I had a HTHT yesterday! I swear these talks are the bases of strongg friendships! I LOVE YOU ALAGU, YOU ARE MY THAT (:

Oh, and my sleep schedule has been really screwed for the last 2 days man omg. I’ve had 4 hours of sleep in the last 2 days. Shit, why have I not collapsed? Imma try and sleep earlyish today! :D so exciting man. I FINISHED ALL MY MATH HOMEWORK :O Differentiation is quite fun actually. I can’t believe I just said that. wth is wrong with me ohno. Anyway, I’m pretty sure most of my answers are rubbish, but hey! At least I tried (: proud of myself yay (:

What else? Actually idk. This is such a pointless, noob, loser post. But HAHA, this will probably provide me with entertaining reading material in the distant future.


Imma give you a list of presents I got for my birthday! Exciting right! I know (:

1. Converse sneakers (:  [ I GOT BLACK ONES THIS TIME! ]
2. Ballet Flats from Hush Puppies (:
3. A new wallet, which I prob won’t use.
4. A new bag, which I prob won’t use either.
5. MONEY (:
7. Book Vouchers! Cannot wait to use this! :D

8. MY FAVOURITE ONE: A BOOK JOURNAL! For those of you who don’t know, a book journal is       like a notebook where you keep records of books that you read and stuff. And Sangithah got me a Moleskine one! :D YAY. Maybe I’ll be more motivated to properly start reading again! :D
HAHA, my brother still owes me a present xD cause when we went out, he kept dragging me into like all those high end shops, like Prada and Armani and stuff. And I was like O.o what do you want me to get from here!? HAHA, my brother was like ‘HOW ARE YOU EVEN MY SISTER?’ EPIC. But yeah, in the end I just told him to go get something for me himself. Don’t like buying presents for myself eee. Like got no.. Surprise element? It just feels like I have some portable ATM machine.
Oh, and I didn’t get a hoodie in the end ): sadlife.
But haha, my birthday this year was pretty good (: had its sucky moments, but overall it was nice la (: 

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