Well, yesterday was FUN (: Some of my Indian makkalz and I went for this stand up comedy show, by an Indian troupe. Was HILARIOUS. Highly inappropriate at times, but what do you expect from an Indian comedy show right! I swear, two track mind la all of them, drinking and girls -.- cannot take it. But the show in itself was epic (:


And oh, today, went over to Sumitra’s house to do up a card and video for Yvonne. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YVONNE I LOVE YOU (: anyway yeah, got yelled at when I was there by my mother -.-

Because when she asked me who was there and I told her, she objected to me being there with guys and stuff, and scolded me. I was like whutttt -.- as in, I get it if its some random guys, obviously I also won’t go out, but then these are my PRIMARY SCHOOL FRIENDS. I have known them for like 8 years- HALF my life. Seriously. I know I can trust them la walou. What are they going to do to me seriously -.- so annoying. And can you have a little faith in me!? I have morals too you know. HMPH.

Spoil my mood only you know. Annoying.

Anyway, got tons of work to do. My History PT and Math PT are both very.. D: 


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