Why Do I Keep Blogging Today? O.o


Okay, I just feel like talking about my favourite Disney movies, because Disney is awesome (:

1. Lion King
2. Finding Nemo
3. Toy Story 3

These 3 are really pretty close. I have Finding Nemo practically memorized, I have this sentimental attachment to Lion King, always have always will (: And as for Toy Story 3.. Well, it was just so darn sweeeeeeet. I DIED in the end. Seriously. Andy was SO cute and nice and awesome, and it was all so sad. And.. AHH

Other than these, well I love almost all Disney movies (: The other Toy Stories, Mulan, Monsters Inc,  Cars, Kung Fu Panda, Despicable Me, UP! And everything else la :D

I like some Dreamworks ones also la. I really like How To Train A Dragon, cause I think the main character is awesome (: He is what I imagine Remus Lupin to be like when he was younger (:

I love the warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when you finish watching a Disney movie. Seriously. You just feel so optimistic, and you fall in love with the characters, and they become family. Family that you can visit in your times of need. I know that whenever I’m down, whenever I think I’m alone, Woody will always be telling me to go on, Rafiki will be telling me to look into the horizon, Dory will be telling me to just keep swimming, Mr Robinson will be telling me to keep moving forward..

I just have so many great memories with these guys, Disney has provided me with my lifelong friends and family <3

“Now, you’ve gotta promise to take good care of these guys. They mean a lot to me… “


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