So yeah, basically all my PTs and AAs are overrrr! For now anyway! Thank god I don’t take Geog omg :O if not must chiong that also >) anyway, today was suchhhhh a slack day heh. School was normal la I guess, nothing interesting happened. After I came home, I watched Eclipse! For the first time, yes I know I’m very lag. Hm. The acting really pissed me off at times, they’re so wooden and annoying. And Robert is so pretentious. ERGH. But other than that it was okayy la, not too bad. It was just so longgggg though. And it really can’t pull off long like Harry Potter :D :D but yeah.


Ergh. Cannot stand her. Like seriously, just choose okay! You can’t keep playing with people’s feelings bitch! Annoyinggg.

Anyway, new goal? IMMA WATCH LORD OF THE RINGS. I’m damn loser, haven’t watched any at all. And all the LOTR fans seem so cool and intellectual so gonna go watch hehhhh (: I’m so shameless xD Will plough through the books someday. After As or something!

OHOH, and we’re repainting our housee! I get to choose what colour my room should be!! I have no idea what to choose though, THEY ALL LOOK SO PRETTY.

Okay, gonna go look at the paint catalogue, sleep for a while before my mum comes, eat dinner, do Math Assn, then sleep again (Y)


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