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Okay, I’m sorry about the last post, was just really upset about something. But as usual, talking to Alagu made me feel better (: and now I’m fine la, I was just being weird.

Sigh, funny how the two of the four most important people in my life are Scorpios (:

OH, and I decided that I should be more guarded from now on, I just keep getting hurt anyway. Opening myself up just makes me vulnerable to betrayal and disappointment. So yeah. The only two people I’m gonna confide in from now on, are the two above mentioned Scorpios (:

Ah, have Tamil homework to doooo. SO much somemore. I would have never guessed that in Sec4, Tamil would be the subject stressing me out ): and Math la. Its crazy, I’m doing soooo much Math this year, its scaryy. But I guess its a good thing (:



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