Mugging :O

Hm, so I’m mugging in the library now, Bio omg :O but I found out that when you’re actually mugging Bio while actually knowing whats going on, its not that bad (: but I guess all subjects are like that? ohwell. Still don’t know whether I should take Bio in JC or not. Howww D:

Hotel California playing on my iTunes now, so niceeee ah <3 the acoustic version is beautiful. The guitar solo is simply.. Stunning. I swear. If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life, it would be this (: So much meaning and interpretations, all packed into one gorgeous song ahhh <3 okay, fangirling bout the Eagles whats wrong with me omg. Favourite band is The Beatles, and one of my favourite songs is Hotel California, haha I’m such an odd kid :D

But yeah, honestly. I know I’ve said otherwise before, but if a guy sings a Beatles song to me, I would DIE. Seriously. All this Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift is just meh. So guys, if you’re gonna serenade a girl, esp one like me, choose a Beatles song. Best option (: They are so sweet, yet hyper at the same time!

These are my all time favourite Beatles songs yay (: click for a bigger image! Don’t be fooled by the play count, they have been reset. Several times xD so everyone should go listen okay!

I’m a Beatles kid yay.

Anyway, Sunday was an interesting day for me. Cause my house is currently being repainted, my room is Soft Orchid btw heh, so me and my bro were kicked out of the house. But we weren’t in the mood to go out, so we went to the carpark and slacked in our car HAHA. Was so fun, cause we brought our laptops, and we watched HIMYM episodes, and slept and gossiped. Oh, and my parents brought our lunch there also. SO FUN HAHA. We felt like the white trash people who live in their cars and trailers and stuff (Y) but yeah, basically I wasted the whole day xD

Oh yes, I need to rant. I think teachers need to be more accepting and understanding. As in, I guess most teachers are, but there are some teachers who just evoke the wrong kind of mood in class. The classroom is supposed to be a safe environment where kids aren’t afraid of being put down or being thought stupid. I mean seriously. Teachers who intimidate their students with their intelligence DELIBERATELY are so -.- as in, can you be more.. Idk. Ergh, annoying.

Anyway, I’m still happy now, because pretty guitar solos make me happy (:

Okay gonna go continue mugging now (:


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