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Hm, I was thinking about it, and it hit me, just how much this blog means to me. I’ve had this blog since 2006, since I was 11. Yeah sure, its been on and off, I may not have updated as much as I’d have liked, but it has still stuck through with me during a lot of my worst moments.

I love how this blog has become a mini catalogue of my life, like it or not, a big part of me has been tucked away into this blog. This is where I come to rant, to fangirl, to cry, to laugh, to talk about the frightening prospects about the future. Where I openly talk about the mistakes I’ve made, the friends I’ve lost, the friends I’ve kept. Matters of the heart, matters of the mind, its all here. This is the platform on which I openly express myself through writing.

Yeah I know, it may not always be very literate or intelligent, or even mature, but its imperfect. Like me I guess. And thats why I love it so much. I never delete posts, because I like to look back at all my retarded moments and reminisce. I also like to look back at all the moments I have sat down and cried my heart out, just so I can realize how much I’ve grown as a person.

Because basically, you can see how much I’ve grown, through the progression of this blog. Through interests, styles of typing, friends, reactions, music, books. Everything that has been important to me is right here.

I know that if I ever lose this blog, I would be heartbroken. I am forever glad that I never deleted this blog, or moved anywhere else. I know livejournal and wordpress might be more glamourous, but I just can’t leave this blog, it means too much to me.

So yeah, basically this post is just for me to thank my blog for always being here for me, when everyone else wasn’t. And the most ironic part is that since my blog is a reflection of myself, basically I’m the only one who sticks around for me.

Wow, this is pretty deep.



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