Okay, I’m really lazy right now, so I’ll just copy past the FB note that I posted for INO SYF BATCH ’11 okay? :D

Seriously, I love you all to bits. I meant every word I said yesterday, I’m proud of every single one of you. We rocked the stage (Sorry couldn’t resist the Super Singer moment there heh) But yeah, we were perfect! Completely on beat, we were all so hyped and enthu. We turned perfectly, we bounced, we swayed and we all smiled like complete retards.

I know we’ve had tons of tough practices as a CCA, we’ve cried, we’ve groaned, we’ve whined, but in the end, we have prevailed as an AMAZING SYF BATCH’11.

I can easily say that yesterday was one of the most emotional days of my life, and I know the same goes for many of my batchmates. I kept crying, then laughing, then crying again, it was crazy. But yeah, what is most prominent in my mind right now when I think of SYF is the smiles on our faces during the 10 mins, our crazy screaming right after the performance, and the look on Mr Mani’s face when we exited the stage. He was so proud of us, and you could really see it on his face.

I know many of us, especially Batch’11, were disappointed when we got Gold and not the GWH that we expected, but it doesn’t matter. The judges were obviously insane. We shouldn’t be upset because of their stomach burnings (:

So yes, celebrate this incredibly high moment for INO okay? Don’t care about Vithi or Akka (If you don’t know who these people are, feel free to ask me, I’d be happy to explain!)

We’ve come incredibly far as an INO Batch, and like Mr Mani said, we’re a very junior batch. Even putting aside all the difficulties that we’ve faced, we’ve still managed to get a GOLD and its a REALLY big thing.


Anyway, I just wanted to say that I love Batch’11 to bits and pieces and heaps and loads and bound and leaps. We are such an amazing bunch of people, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the support and passion from every single one of us.

Guys, this Gold is made up of every single practice that we attended, every single 190 that we had to wait for, every single time we had to replay Hamsanandhi, every single time we got shouted at by Mr Mani, every single extended break, every single moment of the last 6 months, so don’t you dare regret any of it. SYF will one of your best moments in RGS, so treasure it okay?

Sec 2s and 1s, we, as a batch, are leaving you a huge responsibility, to carry on the INO legacy. We’ve done the best we could as a batch, and its up to you to do it again for SYF’13. It doesn’t matter what award you get, it only matters how much dedication and passion you show in that 10 mins.

Sec 3s, you’ll be taking over the CCA really soon, and the onus is on you to bring INO to greater heights, and to make sure every single INO member is wholly part of this amazingamazing family that is INO.

There will only be one SYF’11 and there will only be one INO BATCH ’11, so keep the moments close to your heart and never let them go okay?

I love all of you so much!!!


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