I feel disgusting.

Haha, RS was awesome today. Was really retarded actually, refer to below xD its sung to the tune of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands!’ if you didn’t realize heh. But its so catchy hahaha. Anyway, our presentation was quite okay, no major screwups so thats good (Y)

After that stayed back in school with Alagu to study chem ): stresssedddd ah. Then I decided to go with her to CCK, no idea why actually. Anyway, what that meant was that I had to get down at this bustop where got no shelter to my house (did that sentence actually make sense O.o)


EVERYTHING OF MINE WAS SOAKED. Luckily Jamie had double protection, so he was unharmed yay (: but yeah, everythingggg else. Then when I came home, I went into some sort of crazy washing frenzy. I washed my bag, my shoes, my wallet, everything. Like hardcore. The washroom was like overflowing with bubbles and foam and stuff. And now most of my belongings are in a unsteady pile in my room, dunno what I’m gonna do with it. My dad’s gonna kill me damn.

Anyway, I’m damn dirty and gross now, need to go take a longgggggg shower. 


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