Gerard Butler is AWESOME.

Haha, okay, I’m pausing ‘The Ugly Truth’ to blog now. AH I lovelovelovelove Gerard Butler seriously. He is so hot and charming hehhh (: And he has a cool husky voice tooo HAHA. But yeah, ‘The Ugly Truth’ as inappropriate as it is, is so sweet and awesome (: I think the pairing is sooo insanely great (: The part right after the elevator incident, when he goes to her door, to tell her, and when it open its COLIN, the look on his face is just..

I wish my life was like a romantic comedy ):

< Edit > AHHH okay, just finished it. Why do I fangirl ever single time I watch this? Heh, I love romantic comedies yay (: they’re so happy and sweet and funny and awesome! :D beatss action movies anyday -.- dumdedum, I’m happy now haha. 


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