On call waiting for AppleCare now erghhh. I HATE CALL WAITING. The stupid song makes me want to slit my wristssssss >(

Anyway, I feel better now, compared to yesterday! A talk with my brother straightened things out in my head. If you don’t treat me properly, there’s no reason for me to get all flustered about it, maybe you’re not really worth it anyway, I have other people who love me anyway so yayyy (:

Hm, missed Sumitra like crazy all of a sudden last night. No idea why, just did. And I guess, she’s one of my oldest friends? As in, yeah sure Yvonne and Jumana, and I love them to bits too, but I’m not as close to them as I’d like to be. But with Sumitra, I’ve been close to her since like forever, and its like we’re sisters <3 I love how I can randomly call her up, and we can talk like we see each other everyday (: its like, with almost everyone else, I have on and off phases, but with you, its always great (: you do the stupidest things sometimes, and you just ask to be nagged at, but thats just because I LOVE YOUUUU and I don’t want you to randomly go hobo in pasir ris by yourself. My house is always open UNDERSTAND. And you’re so concerned and nice all the time, its really sweeeeeet (: thank you so much for your birthday card man, again, it seriously made my day (: AH, I love you so much, and I’m really missing you nowwww ): I owe you a callllll! AND WE SHOULD TOTALLY GO OUT SOON. I miss you bestf!


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