YEAH MAN EXAMS ARE FINALLY ALL OVERRRRRRRRRR. And maths wasn’t TOO bad actually! I seriously think I can pass :O Cause I got an answer for everything, correct or not I don’t know la, but I got an answer for everything! :D IT IS AN IMPROVEMENT YAY. And had English orals yesterday, was pretty okay la, I made a new friend HAHA. I’m so glad that for now, all my worries are overrrrr. Then again, I’m getting back BIO tomorrow. Shit man, I hope I did okay. My exam streak has been good so far, never go below 3.6 yet. Hope it stays that way man, I’d be so happyyyy.

HAHA, the Yam Ah Mee club mix is running in the background. EPIC. Why are Singaporeans so funny? I swear, the guy just entertained me throughout the whole results. THE BEST PART :D

Hm, I have a helluva lot of movies torrenting now, I CAN’T WAIT.

Party and party and YEAH. 


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