Well, haven’t updated in reallyyyy long. Nothing new going on in my life, sadly. Just spending lots of time with my brother, and watching movies like crazy (Y) bored really. Its like life is so.. Mundane. But yeah, got my exam results back, I did pretty well! As in, its by no way really good or anything, but I improved LOADS from last year, and I’m proud of myself. Cause this is really made up of all my hard work, and my late nights, and I feel so happy (: the only subject I didn’t do too well in is MATH, of course. I can definitely do better for the rest. Like Chem, there were just a lot of careless mistakes. And Bio I don’t know also. Tamil quite wasted. And Math is the biggest joke. Cause its not even because I don’t know how to do, exam nerves I guess. Sucks man. But yeah whatever.

I’m happy (:

Still having ‘Somebody’ on repeat in the background :D heh, love the song and the movie ttm (: other than that.. Hm. Hope the whole Spain thing works out, really looking forward to it!! All those gorgeous photos on tumblr are just making me itch to go there.

Other than that, nothing else la. Oh wait!! I know, I think wannabe bloggers are damn sad and annoying. They all try to copy the ‘blogger language’ and fail. Its so pretentious seriously. And I hate it when people start fangirling over things just because its cool, or whatever. if you love something, love it for what it is, not because its current or whatever honestly.

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