Well, today was a GOOD day, was Open House. It was damn slack, cause most of the time I was just accompanying people at the TL booth and the ICS booth and the INO booth and whatever other booth la, pretty fun. Talked a lot of rubbish. Oh and yesterday was fun also haha! Was Open House prep, and me and Sharni were like slaving over the ICS board, which ended up nothing short of AWESOME in the end (: after prep, kana and I went to bugis for tuition, met up with srruthi for lunch/dinner at BK, talked a lot of rubbish. Was FUN (:

Missed Lava the other day, don’t really know why, just randomly called her up, and was talking to her. But I think she hit the nail on the head when she asked me if it was just because I needed to hear something familiar. It was so true seriously. I was just feeling a bit down, and it felt like I was growing up too fast, and this year is really speeding by. There’s tons of work, sure, but I still don’t think I’m ready to leave RG. JC seems so daunting, and I don’t want to goooo. So I was just emoing, then I thought of Lava. And just hearing her say hello on the phone, made me feel a helleva lot better. It was just so.. Familiar.

Sigh. Although I did quite well for MYAs! Improved tons from last year. I know my GPA may still not be very good, and I HAVE to continue working hard and work even HARDER, but I am still proud of myself for improving so much. Last year was really a bad year for me, and it seems like this year is the time for me to make it all better again. So thankful seriously. My parents were damn happy, my dad bought home cheesecake to celebrate, so cute HAHA.

Anyway, one more week to freedom. Cannot wait omg. 


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