I am going to be a terrible mother.

This is so depressing. I was looking at Hengyeng’s and Shimei’s prettypretty food blogs, and it hit me that I’m gonna be a horrible mother someday. I totally cannot cook. I mean, I haven’t actually tried, which sucks, cause I want to be all cool and household-y ): And I am a complete failure at tying people’s hair. My own hair yeah la, my future daughter howwwww. Sigh. I think they’ll just run away to Alagu’s house to get better food and grooming sigh.

Okay, I’m gonna try and be domestic during the June hols. BUT I DON’T HAVE OVEN HOW TO BAKE. Alamak. I just hope I have some hidden talent in cooking. Like deepdeep down. Hm, but I’m pretty okay at practicals, does that indicate anything? Although I get stressed when there are too many steps. I’M ALWAYS LIKE AHHHH WHAT NOW. Oh, and I can’t crack an egg. Cannot. Fail. Completely.

Haha, okay brainwave (: After A-levels, I’m gonna find some equally fail friend of mine and go for a cooking workshop somewhereeee! Like for baking!! :D then I can be super pro and bake my own cakes and muffins for my future kids.

Don’t lose hope future kids, I will try not to give you food poisoning.

Oh, and on the brighter side, I’m good at housework (Y) will keep the house clean and prettyyy (: at least I’m not a complete failure as a girl la phew. 


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