Woah, haven’t been posting properly, but yeah. Haven’t been motivated to do ANYTHING the past few days to be honest. Sigh.


Omg, I feel so happy I think I’m gonna have a spasm. Happyhappyhappy (: Can sleep again!! I miss sleeping properly. I love sleeping. So much. Its so strange how I love sleeping so much, cause basically you lie down, close your eyes, everything goes dark and you have no idea what happens after that. But its just so awesome. I can just like easily sleep my life away. Like easily.

Ooh, got back report book today! Well, its the highest GPA I’ve gotten yet! Since Year 1! I’m pretty happy about it! Cause I have made TONS of improvement, but yeah I know I can do better so yay. Oh, and why the hell is our batch so smartttttt. The average GPA for MYA was 3.6! Three point freaking six. What kind of average GPA is that for MYA!?! Sigh.

Oh and as usual, the words ‘capable’ and ‘potential’ and ‘focus’ and ‘hardwork’ kept coming up in the comments. Well, there were quite a number of ‘bubbly’, ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘caring’ too so oh well (: basically I’m lazy, but I’m a great person! :D thats how I chose to interprete it anywayyy (Y)

Other than that.. Hm. Sports Fest was pretty fun, Richard totally deserved to win cheerleading, they were really good. Buckle was quite cute ahaha. I love the whole dynamics and animation in the routine, and they really used the theme (: so yeah. Was fun hanging out with 201 people and the makkalz. Was pretty enthuish.

Hm, really tired now, not really sure why. Gonna go sleep now, sleep oh wonderful sleep (:


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