Hey guys (you  know, I always wonder who I’m actually addressing when I say this) sorry bout the really lag posting. Holidays tend to make me lazy ><

Anyway, my hols have been pretty happening (: yay. Monday was just me sleeping and slacking. Tuesday, I left home and headed for Downtown East! Just walked around and wasted time on Tuesday. On Wednesday, my relatives and I went to Wild Wild Wet. Haha, I swear, no matter how many times you go, that place is always fun (: had a really good time there, got thoroughly wettttt (: went on the scary thing, the u-shaped slope thing, got scared out of my wits, then went again (: Left at around 5+ went back and showered just in time for my bro’s friends to arriveee!

After that was just hectic BBQing hahaha. It was actually really good! One of the best BBQ food I’ve had yet (:

My parents left around 11, and my relatives went to bed at arnd 11+ also. Then we all acted like we were going to sleep, then snuck out after that. HAHA, we were sitting outside talking the wholeee night. In fact I got 0 hours of sleep the entire night (: OH and drunk guys are hilarious. We were just laughing and being retarded the whole night. The guys with all their sickkkk jokes and their retardedness seriously made my month. SO ENTERTAINING.

Anyway, we played Nasi Lemak, Charades.. Then we watched a Hindi movie and Justin Annae just made fun of the entire thing and made me die. When we looked at the clock, it was like 9 in the morning!!! Major :O moment seriously. So we all showered and left.

Went for INO after that, supposed to go Far East to drink bubble tea, but we were all too tired to go hahaha. Went home with Alagu..

All in all, a very fun 2 days!! :D

Hm, my relatives left today. Just came back from the airport. Well, if you have been in contact with me recently, you should know that they are a MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS. Like seriously. They just came here to make my life living hell I swear. But yeah, now that they’re gone, I feel a bit sad. Miss my cousins a little. They can be quite cute when they’re not being psychotic. But ohwell, at least I have my room to myself again, thank god.

Gonna watch some movie now then head on to bedddd. Night (:

Seriously though, WHO AM I TALKING TO HERE. 


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